Expanding the knowledge graph of research

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From April to July 2018, I had the chance to work as a Visiting Student for the Laboratory Machine Intelligence and kNowledge Engineering (MINE) at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST).

One of the projects I worked on was a data-driven search and document analysis system for scientific publications. The system was created by Uchenna Akujuobi and Xiangliang Zhang (further infos available here: Delve - A Dataset-Driven Scholary Search and Analysis System). It can be accessed under the following URL: Delve Search Engine.

My task was to merge the already existing data in the system with further publications derived from the AMiner Open Academic Graph dataset (Link to dataset). In order to successfully merge the data, I developed a collection of scripts that can parse and ingest the publications from AMiner dataset into Delve - the code is available on Github.

If you are interested, please check it out. Feedback is always welcome!