Leveraging car diagnostics capabilities via OBD

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In a recent project that I did for my current employer (BCG Platinion), we were tasked with developing a digital Proof of Concept app that retrieves data from cars and analyzes it for interesting insights. The specifics of our work are of course under NDA, but nonetheless we were allowed to publish two short blog posts on LinkedIn that describe the great results that we have accomplished as a team.

The first blog post is a rather technical introduction to the diagnostics capabilities of modern cars, while the second blog post elaborates a bit more on what it takes to take such a product from concept stage to implementation stage.

Upon personal reflection, I think that connected car services are a highly interesting topic for future research and I’m already more than excited for the next opportunity to explore this topic further!

Post 1: OBD - a heavily underrated bridging technology for the implementation of connected car scenarios

Post 2: Leveraging OBD access to build up functional and technical capabilities for connected car services